Conveyor Chains with Special Rollers

Conveyor Chains with special rollers are used in a variety of applications. They are available in staggered or parallel configurations and can accommodate a variety of loads. These chains also allow for high-precision positioning. Some chains also have plastic wear strips for added protection.

These chains are ideal for industrial and heavy-duty conveying applications. They can move industrial pieces such as car parts, which human workers would otherwise find impossible to move by hand. They are also ideal for use in harsh environments, where products may be sharp or abrasive.

Special rollers can be used to help prevent the accumulation of dust, debris, or other materials. These conveyor chains can be used for lumber conveyors, car parking applications, heat treatment, and even the forest industry. In addition, they have corrosion and chemical resistance features and can accommodate a wide range of materials.

Conveyor Chains with Special Roller Systems are an ideal choice when precision is important. These systems can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of product sizes and shapes. Conveyor chains with special rollers are available in plastic or steel. In addition to these options, the chains are available with different pitch levels.

Dimensions of Conveyor Chains with Special Rollers


Sprockets for Conveyor Chains

Sprockets for conveyor chains are used to drive the chain forward and prevent wobbling. These sprockets can come in 2 styles – plate wheels and split versions. They are manufactured using special materials and can be either flame or induction hardened. The split version is more convenient, as it allows the sprocket to be removed from the shaft without damaging the chain.

The sprockets used in conveyor chains come in a variety of sizes, and can be made to match any shaft size. They are also identified by their pitch, which is the chordal distance between the pin centers on each link. For example, a sprocket with a pitch of 50 would have a two-to-1 ratio with the chain.

Conveyor chain sprockets are typically made from steel or aluminum. They are beefier than their power transmission counterparts, and are fitted with bolt-on tooth sectors that make it possible to replace worn teeth without disassembling the entire chain. In addition, these sprockets are generally shaped similar to those used for power transmission.

Single sprockets can be used with single or double strands of conveyor chains. They are usually available in large bores, allowing them to handle large chain sizes. The hubs of double single sprockets are located on both sides of the chain, providing extra stability and strength. They can also be made with a standard ball bearing.

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